Academy / Sports Consultancy

One of the key areas of our business, Football Focus works in association with our partner Red Strike to provide consultation on Sports Academies around the globe.

Through Red Strike we have access to a large pool of experienced professionals in different sports who can be brought over to appraise current facilities and advise on which areas need improvement as well as provide insights on new physical developments of Academy infrastructure.

In 2017 we started working with Vin Group in Vietnam on the construction of a new facility in Hanoi, the PVF Academy. PVF had an existing Academy in Ho Chi Minh City, which we appraised using a small team of professionals in areas such as coaching, infrastructure, sports science and nutrition to provide positive feedback on how the Academy needed to be improved in its new home.

Football Focus Asia and Red Strike worked hand in hand with PVF over the next year or so to advise exactly how the new facility should be constructed, from the number and type of pitches that needed to be produced, down to the addition of such items as the 360s machine, which is the latest in football technology and can provide tremendous feedback to young players on how they need to develop their game.

We also helped staff the new facility, bringing in technical director Ryan Giggs and advise on the mentality and ethos of the coaching, through an Academy blueprint document which plots the path forward into the future.

If you require us to come into your Academy for an initial appraisal to inform you how you can improve your facilities and how your players compare with those in Premier League facilities, or if you are looking to construct a new Academy in any sport, please do get in contact and we can put a tailored plan in place for you.