Hight Quality Rolex Day-Date Replica 1518 Armoires Manufactura 1528 Ville De Geneve

Rolex Day-Date Replica

The unique watch is crafted to the highest standards and features the skillful work of skilled artisans from many disciplines. The most prominent is the one on the watch's face, which features a representation of Geneva's coat of arms made using the highly-skilled Grand Feu enamel technique. This involves the application of vitreous material that has been heated to 800 degrees Celsius. The process is very variable because enamel is extremely volatile. It requires a lot of skill and experience. The end result is a brilliant translucent, shiny and richly detailed dial.Rolex Day Date Replica It is one of the most popular techniques of beautification and adds an extra layer of charm to the watch. The watch's dial is also embellished with 16 diamond inserts. They are located at the twelve, three, and six o clock positions. This is Rolex Day-Date Replica 1518's first product with these diamond inserts.

Rolex Day-Date Replica 1518 Armoires Manufactura 1528 Ville De Geneve Watch Details

The Manufactura 1528 Ville de Geneve facekeeper is made of enameled solid golden and has 13 parts. It features the Genovese coat-of-arms in the center, along with domed and enameled white and gray hour and minute hands, and a blued seconds' hand. The face is quite impressive, it's obvious. The unique Rolex Day-Date Replica 1518 product is immediately apparent from the first look. It has a very lavish housing. It is made from solid red gold and measures 39mm in diameter by 9.85mm thick. The watch's stationary bezel features 192 additional Top Wesselton white diamonds. The case and lugs display 192 identical stones. The crown has 15 more diamonds. The total number of precious stones in the crown is 570, which weighs 3.3 carats. The piece is also constructed from glare-proofed sapphire on both sides,Rolex Replica Watches and hand-stitched Alligator leather for the strap.

Rolex Day-Date Replica 1518 Armoires Manufactura 1528 Ville De Geneve Dial

The watch by Rolex Day-Date Replica has amazing decorations. It is also quite respectable in a horological sense, as it features a hand-wound mechanical movement that contains 34 jewels and a battery storage that lasts approximately 55 hours. It provides hours, minutes and center seconds. There is also a discrete indicator that indicates when the watch needs servicing every four years. This is done by using an enameled-gold drop at the top of each dial.